Born in Massachusetts. Studied sculpture and fine art at the Boston Museum School. Moved to New York to try and make it as an artist. Had several shows. Co-Founded Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition & it's Annual Open Studio Shows. Worked as a carpenter to support myself. I turned out to be the problem solver on renovation crews; if there was a problem, I could figure out, design and build a creative and attractive solution. Eventually, I started to get my own clients and started a design/build business... putting aside sculpture, concentrating on photography. As I delegated more of the physical work, I got a Macintosh and taught myself MiniCAD (which became Vectorworks), drawing construction documents for my crew and details for cabinetmakers and other sub-contractors. Eventually, I hung up the tool belt (except for my personal projects) and left building to concentrate on design and consulting.

• Drawing, 2D Drafting, 3D: Vectorworks DESIGNER & RenderWorks

• Adobe Creative Studio: Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, InDesign.

• Photography & Image Processing: Expression Media. Graphic Converter X

• Business: Apple iWork, FileMaker Pro, OmniPlan, Fast Track Schedule, Microsoft Office, OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle.

• Web Design: Freeway Pro 5

• Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad


When approaching a project, I think of the space or object: the physicality. How will it be approached, entered, used and interacted with? How will bodies move and flow through a space, with and around objects, inside or out? What's the dominant? What shapes and what underlying structure will best serve functional needs? What's possible to build and what's not? Structure and surface interact and affect each other, with strong, simple direct lines. What sort of light will best open a space, draw in the eye and body? Natural light, or direct, intense, task oriented, or mallable and mutable? Or both? Materials: wood, stone, glass, metals, best stand on their own, with minimal processing or decorative intervention. Touch is as important as look. Finally there is sound and music and how it moves and effects a space. Should it absorb or resonate? What will the comfort level be? When it's all put together, how does it look and feel? Does it invite, welcome or overpower? Should you even notice?

For my numerous clients, I have worked in many styles and forms; from traditional to the baroque, extreme minimalism to Yankee functionality, corporate business environments to playrooms and music rooms to artists' studios and theme restaurants.